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Allergen Training

Restaurant Compliance Solutions

Research has shown that groups will dine more often at restaurants that can accommodate dietary restrictions for members of their group with allergies. Showing guests that your restaurant is willing and able to accommodate them is not as daunting as it seems. Restaurant Compliance Solutions (RCS) provides training and services to assist your staff with meeting the needs of your guests to earn their repeat business and more importantly so they will spread the word that your establishment is top notch for taking the necessary precautions to prevent allergic reactions.

  • Menu consultation to determine existing dishes that are allergen free and simple ways to alter existing dishes to easily make them allergen free. This service includes proper disclaimers that should be included on menus and clear and concise ways for guests with allergies to determine what they can order from the menu.
  • Training specific to front of the house staff and managers. These employees are the first point of contact for guests with allergies and the first impression these guests have about how well their needs will be accommodated.
  • Training specific to back of the house staff and managers. These employees will take the necessary steps to ensure guests do not have an allergic reaction so that they will have a pleasant dining experience and keep coming back.
  • Training for all staff on how to handle a situation when a guest does, unfortunately, have an allergic reaction.
  • A certificate of completion is presented to the restaurant to display to guests that extra proactive measures have been taken to provide safe food.
  • Contact us about getting rid of the apprehension of serving guests with allergies.