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Covid-19 Training Program

Restaurant Compliance Solutions

We are now offering a COVID-19 training program. It is a dynamic, comprehensive training based on CDC recommendations, state requirements and best practices for working in kitchens since Covid-19 has become a part of our daily lives. The class is open to all employees and managers and available in both English and Spanish.

We will discuss Covid-19 info, safe takeout/delivery tips, best practices in kitchens and front of house, how state inspections are currently being conducted, reopening phase requirements, recommendations and best practices.

The establishment will receive a certificate that can be displayed to show guests that you’ve gone above and beyond to train your staff on Covid-19 and give them confidence in their dining choice.

One of our primary objectives of this training is to provide the most up to date information as restrictions change locally and federally. We are in constant contact with the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants to anticipate and learn about changes as they are happening.

Class is done in person (could be setup as a Zoom class if needed) to allow for the opportunity to ask questions/discussion, lasts approximately one hour and is open to an unlimited number of attendees per establishment. A certificate will be issued to each employee as well as one for the establishment.

Please click below to contact us for more information and to schedule a class.

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